Dominik Ertl: Completed Master's, Diploma, and Bachelor Theses of Advised Students

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Master's and Diploma Theses (assistant advisor)
  1. Aitor Hernandez (TUV/Barcelona, 2011) Evaluation of the ALIZE/[LIA_RAL] Speaker Verification Toolkit on an Embedded System
  2. Martin Angenbauer (UAS-T, 2010) Use of Multimodal Fusion Strategies in Human-Computer-Communication

Bachelor Theses (assistant advisor)
  1. Stephan Petzl (TUV, 2008) Code Completion für Typoscript
  2. Christian Kartnig (TUV, 2008) Code Completion für Typoscript


TUVVienna University of Technology
UAS-TUniversity of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) Technikum Wien
UAS-CUniversity of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) Campus Wien